April 26, 2005

Changes to blog

I've made a few changes around here. Nothing amazing but the most interesting one (and the one I like the most) is the new "Recent Comments" thing on the right hand side there ---------------->. As the link says, I found it at Last Halo. Where I found that link however I can't remember! I think I was googling for "Blogger Skins" and found it in a forum somewhere. Still, it's damn good stuff. Hold your mouse still for two seconds over the commenter's name and you'll see the comment in a tool tip! :D

I've also moved the buttons to the bottom of the page and spaced them out. Check it out if you want to browse. And I've added all my LJ friends (and none of my communities) to my Bloglines feed on the right-hand side there. I'll still check my LJ friends page out of habit but now, hopefully, I can see all the blog entries I want to read from Bloglines!

All this and I completed a job application too!