April 06, 2005

Council Tax - rant

Okay, so all adults in the UK who work (and some who don't) have to pay Council Tax. Since so many people have to pay it why is the system that organises it so antiquated? I rang up this morning to sort out the fact that we're leaving these premises in June and won't need to pay the full amount of Council Tax (£995.02 according to the bill). What did the Council suggest? Did they say "Thanks for letting us know in advance, that helps us prepare."? Did they buggery.

Instead, after trying to get through for about 10 minutes on the phone the gentleman on the phone couldn't help me. He said that we should pay our bills as normal then ring closer to our moving out date. Then the council will work out how much tax we've paid and if there is any refund due. Great. Except it's not. I mentioned that we're all planning to move to different places and he sucked in a breath, then, obviously desperate to get me off the phone, said to sort it out closer to the time.

I can see trouble ahead. I'm moving to one house in York, Simon is moving to another one and Jon's moving to Essex. I think we're going to cause the city of York's computers to crash at this rate.


[Listening to: It's My Life (OWNL) - Bon Jovi - One Wild Night Live 1985 2001 (3:51)]