April 16, 2005

Doctor Who 2005 Episode Four

Wow. That was the best episode of Doctor Who so far this series. It could have something to do with the two bottles of Grolsch I've drunk on an empty stomach but I REALLY enjoyed that one. A clever premise, lots of clever ideas interwoven into the plot and just bags and bags of fun. I'll put the rest of my comments in white so if you want to read them, highlight them (hint: press CTRL + A).

I really liked the ideas in this episode. All starting from the fact that the Doctor made the usual cock-up on landing and landed on Earth 12 months after take-off rather than 12 hours. This was followed through with the mother and boyfriend berating Rose for taking off and the boyfriend revealing how he was suspected of Rose's murder. Which is very logical considering he's a black guy on a council estate - I can imagine that's the first thought that went through the heads of the local police.

The idea of aliens using an alien space-craft as a decoy was a work of genius, especially the way they did it. Admit it - have you ever seen anything cooler than that pig in a space-suit? As soon as I get a download copy of this episode that's going to be my new Gravatar icon. :)

The fact that the Doctor lied to Rose is interesting and adds more weight to my "The Doctor is a big kid theory." He told Rose he wouldn't go anywhere, and was just going out for air then sneaked off and investigated the alien crash anyway. Just like the Doctor that. And what was his reaction when he first saw the pig alien. A nice bright and cheery "Hello!" Followed by a Christopher Eccleston trademark grin. Perfect.

I did however think that the ep went over the top having the aliens have to fart to release space in the bodies they had taken over. That was just chilidish stupidity on behalf of the writers and a step too far for me. However, the fact that these aliens have now killed off the Prime Minister and potentially, all the alien experts on Earth is interesting and lets your imagination roam free.

Roll on next week!