April 24, 2005

Javascript troubles

Grrrr... All I wanted to do was follow the instructions on ChuBlogga's blog to get a fancy effect here. The effect I wanted was some neat scripting so that if I typed a long entry there would be a 'read more' link on the entry or an 'expand' link and the text I'd hidden would be revealed. Sugar Kat has it working (check her entry for April 19th to see exactly what I mean). For some reason though, whenever I put the code in my blog though it did 2 things:

1 - It didn't slide the text out like on Sugar Kat's blog. Instead it loaded the entry again in it's own little page. That wasn't the effect I wanted as it's just clumsy, it means you have to click 'home' and wait to see the rest of the posts rather than just continue scrolling down.

2 - It made an 'expand' entry appear on EVERY post on this blog which was rather stupid as it wouldn't be relevant for earlier posts. Again, Sugar Kat (using the same code) didn't have this problem.

Grrr - if only my Javascript skills weren't so rusty.

This is one more thing that's pushing me to get a webhost, install Wordpress and abandon blogger for ever.

Dru: Thanks for your comments about my health and about the RSS feed. I don't mind if my full post appears in RSS, as long as it wouldn't hog the whole of the page if anyone actually viewed my blog in it's entiriety.

ME: I'm sorry to hear school is currently being mean. I'd love the e-mail whenever you get time. :-)