April 05, 2005

Tee hee

I often read the Google Weblog (which I don't think is official) and on April 1st it pointed out this little nugget: Google Gulp

It's easy to worry about Google. They are a huge company. Via their search engine, if they have IP moniotoring enabled, I'm sure they could link your search queries and results with your specific ip address. The more you search the more Google knows about you. The Gmail service they provide scans through your e-mails and provides adverts based on that scan. But what if it does more than that? What if Google is putting that information alongside the information it has from your searches and building up a bigger and more detailed picture of you? Google's Desktop Search program, which uses the Google technology to search your PC, could also be building up an extremely detailed picture of you, it's looking at your files for crying out loud!

But all that fades away as the company IS funny! :D