May 14, 2005

Bleurgh - of fire and teaching

Most importantly I want to wish my friend Hilary all the best. There's been a fire in her building and she and her housemate Jacqui_hw have had to leave. They made it out ok but with just the minimum amount of possessions needed for living. They are currently staying at Hil's parents house. They don't know yet how bad the fire was or if it reached their flat and possessions.

I've just thought that, if you're feeling generous today, could you please visit Hilary's website -Death Marked Love and click on the Paypal button there to donate some money towards any costs that might be involved with this disaster? It would be much appreciated I'm sure.

As for me, well the school was great. It was an old school but it was well organised and most of the classrooms were quite large, very open plan. The class teacher who I was meant to be assissting was great too (Mrs Richardson). The class themselves weren't too bad overall but there were a few kids (all boys) who were just used to getting their own way and sulked when they didn't. That doesn't wash with me I'm afraid and they certainly didn't get their own way yesterday.

However, upon arriving I handed the headmaster a copy of my CV and within a short while, without seeing me teach anything, he got back to me and said that he'd asked for a very experienced Year two teacher and he didn't think I was suitable for the job. However, he told me to watch the class teacher and see how she managed the beahviour in the classroom. SO I did. The morning went ok until, at 11:00 he took me to one side before assembly and said (again, without seeing me teach anything) that he didn't think I was right for the post and that, although I could stay that day and be paid for it, I didn't need to come back on Monday.

So I spent most of the day just enjoying myself with the kids (why not? I wasn't going back! :P) under the class teacher's instructions (as she was great). However, when it got round to 3:15 pm (or 15:15 for 24 hour clock people) I couldn't WAIT to be out of the school and home. I found someone to sign my time sheet (so I could get paid), went back to the classroom, gathered up my belongings and left. I felt so much better sitting in my car and driving home.

Until I pulled up outside my front door and realised that I'd left my coat at the school.


Well I'm not going back for it now!

As for today - today I'm meeting l_shamrock and we're going to have a fun day.