May 03, 2005

Bringing anyone who reads this up to date

I've nothing to do for the next 30 minutes so I thought I'd update everyone on me.


Nothing much. I've completed and handed in 2 application forms. I'm waiting on 4 or 5 more. As soon as I recieve them I'll fill them in. I'm applying for schools in many different areas: York, Chesire, Huddersfield, Barnsley. Should hopefully increase my chances of getting a job but it does make it difficult to look for houses as I don't know where to look!

It's possible I may be supply teaching tomorrow. I'm nervous about starting but I'm sure that once I get back into the classroom I'll enjoy it. Then again, Teaching Personnel haven't contacted me yet so I'm assuming I'm not supply teaching. But you never know.

Life in General

Life's ok. Not exciting but ok. I'm currently wallowing a little as my friend Ian came through on Sunday and spent most of the day talking about a girl he'd met and spent most of his time chatting to on MSN. *sniff* That was me once. *sniff* I've actually started driving as a way to clear my mind. Last night after work I drove around the outskirts of York before parking at home and going to bed. It's actually quite relaxing, if only because the roads are EMPTY at 2am! :D


Ah, yes, family. My Dad actually slipped into the conversation the other day that his and Mum's divorce was finalised last Wednesday/Thursday. That was quietly done. So it's official. That's kinda sad in a way. Still, that's the way it goes.

My brother is still being silly and rude and my Mum got annoyed with me for getting annoyed at him. It's not my fault he's being stupid. And you can't talk to him about it. He just loses his temper. What a mess. And I still don't feel 'Uncle-like' to Emma's baby. Maybe I will in the future.

That's about it really. Now I need to go to work.

AMY: Look what song I'm listening too! :-)

DAVE: Yeah, I got a recipt. I look forward to the T-Shirt.

[Listening to: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day - International Superhits! (2:34)]

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