May 06, 2005

Election 2005 early results

Well, I've caught some news on the radio whilst driving around in my car (I went to ASDA to fill up with petrol then drove to Strensall so I'd know where it was for later this morning) and I'm surprised by some of the results. It seems that although Labour is most likely to stay in government, there are still some changes in marginal areas (I sound like I know what I'm talking about don't I?) More people are voting BNP than ever before according to one expert on Radio 2 which is a worrying thought, and some people are voting for anything EXCEPT Labour. Whilst the Conservatives aren't doing brilliantly, they are doing better than the Liberal Democrats over all so far. But there's still everything to play for. According to Neil there has been more postal vote fraud in Bradford which is worrying, so there could be exciting legal shake-ups in the morning.

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