May 25, 2005

I couldn't feel much lower

A friend has just pointed out to me what I've been doing wrong with my job applications. I just wasn't specific enough. In reality I needed to match every single point on the "Job/Person Specification" and add other stuff if possible. I was, as I am, as is in my nature, being more waffley than I needed to be. And I was missing things. I'd covered a lot of things but I'd missed one or two and that's never good.

Why didn't I ask for help earlier? Damn my stupid pride. Now I feel stupid for wasting so much bloody time and money filling in those application forms when I've probably made the same error on each one of them, by not thinking in the way that I'm supposed to think.

Damn I feel SO useless and frustrated. It's a good job I have a plan B....oh...wait...I haven't.