May 09, 2005

Ignoring real life

I've spent today ignoring real life. Sure I've done my food shopping and got my sandwiches etc ready for a week of work but I did recieve another application form, this time for a teaching job in Hull. I like the sound of the school, it seems like a nice place, but instead I just left the form on my desk. Instead, I've watched 3 episodes of Millennium Season 2. I've throughly enjoyed myself despite my conscience nagging at me saying "Fill in the form, fill in the form!"

Also, I like Millennium. It IS a disjointed show, what with Chris Carter being the driving force behind Season 1 then Morgan and Wong doing Season 2 however I feel that the themes are the same. The idea that Good and Evil are forces that must remain in balance is an idea I like. I also like the idea of a champion, as explored in Angel Season 2, who can help to keep this balance.

And that's all I can write as I must go to work.

Amy: Yep, still listening to Green Day. I LOVE B. Of B.D., can't get it out of my head!