May 08, 2005


Life has been good recently. I'm still worried about things but I'm coping. It helps that:

  • I'm having some very, very enjoyable MSN convos with L-Shamrock. It's strange - bagels haven't been mentioned in AGES!

  • I've applied for quite a few teaching jobs and am now waiting upon interviews.

  • I've watched the brilliant film that is Bubba Ho Tep. Buy it/Rent it - you'll enjoy it I promise.

  • I'm feeling like I want to get more involved with politics, I'm going to contact my MP whenever I think of anything to ask about!

However, I still have a few things that bug me:

  • I still haven't found anywhere to live after July 1st.

  • I've still got more teaching jobs to apply for.

  • My brother is still being silly (and letting his life be dictated by a stroppy girlfriend)

Otherwise life is going great.

Oh, and did I mention Bubba Ho Tep?