May 29, 2005

Search Engine Fun

Okay, so copying Neil's post where he posts some interesting search terms that have led people to his site, here's mine.

Someone arrived here with the term "Jorja Fox is so pretty when she's happy". What's interesting about this is that I'm result number 104(!!!) for this search yet this person still visited my page. As a reward, here's a picture of Jorja Fox from the "Grave Danger" ep of CSI season 5:

Jorja Fox in Grave Danger

Someone also Searched Yahoo for "Life Not Exciting" for which I'm number 2. I'm not even boring enough to make it to number 1. Instead that's filled by someone who's keywords that show up in the search engine are "My Life...Not Very Exciting. Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea YAY ... encouraging, rewarding, faithful and unselfish. Life is not measured by the breaths we take."

Another person (or persons, I don't know how many were around their computer screen at the time do I?) Found me on BritBlog looking for blogs in Yorkshire. I'm Yorkshire through and through and proud of it!

I've also been visited by people looking for a Cheap DVD Player. They ended up at this page which, I must say, should've been EXACTLY what they wanted! :P

But the best by far has to be the poor soul who searched google for the words "real life lightsabers for sale" and ended up at my blog (despite me not being able to see HOW they got here from the search page). Whoever you are - my apologies but you cannot buy lightsabers. They are not real. And if they were you wouldn't be able to buy them anyway. Each jedi has to inherit or build his own. Sorry.

I Reply to Your Comments:
Dave: LOL. "I imagine that's what he calls what he's been doing." I'm sure he does think he's acting, heck, George Lucas probably thinks that's what it is too. But both of them are wrong.

Amy: You're right, it is a good film. Why diss? I guess cause I am a Star Wars fan and Star Wars is an important part of cinema history so I wanted to offer my opinion. My problem is I'm crap at writing reviews when I don't feel inspired, when I'm almost "forcing" myself to write, so they best I could come up with was a list of good points and bad points. It was crap I know but it got out what I wanted to say so I'm happy enough!