May 20, 2005

Tha'ts me done for the day

Whew! That's another two application forms done for the day. However, I am slightly peeved at myself as I should've done some of these application forms on Monday. As it is one of the application forms expired today so if I HAD got it done earlier in the week then it would be at the school today and I could have a job interview next week. As it is, because I was absolutely shattered every evening this week, I didn't get it done and so have missed out.

I'm guessing that I've lost out to about 4 or 5 jobs this way purely because I've been too busy/tired to apply for them, and that sucks.

However, in the good news I was at school in Harrogate Monday -> Thursday and they want me back next week and for a week in June. So that's good, I've obviously made an impression and that can only be a good thing.

Also, I'm on the last DVD of the Millennium Season 2 boxset and whilst some of the episodes have left me thinking "WTF?????" I'm enjoying them all very much. Especially because one of the episodes, In Arcadia Ego featuerd Missy Crider from the ill fated yet brilliant TV series The Others. So once I've finished typing this, as well as typing e-mails to the wonderful Bonnie and enjoyable Natasha (can you tell I've been drinking a little?) I'm going to relax with 3 bottles of Bud Light beer and Millennium and forget about all the real life stress that is bugging me right now.

What else? Erm....The landlord put our house up for sale today. It seems that because it hasn't been let he's had enough and decided to offload the dark, draughty building onto some other unsuspecting sucker who thinks it's a nice house in Heworth, a nice location. :P

Oh, and I'm currently enjoying a large bag of Doritos Latinos Chargrilled BBQ flavour Corn Chips. :-) Yum, Yum!

And I'm planning to see Star Wars at 9:30am on Sunday morning (as I'm kinda sure I'll get a seat then!)

If there's anything I've missed I'll add it later.

Amy: Yep - I think (repeat, think) Dave is trying to visit EVERY Hard Rock Cafe in the world as he thinks it's a great place and great company. Please correct me if I'm wrong Dave! I wouldn't know as I've never been in one, never mind 100! Thanks for the good wishes about teaching, hope the birthday went well. I'll try and give you a ring sometime soon. If I don't - just blame my memory!

Dru: Cheers for the comment. And I wasn't worrying - I was just curious about how people I would call friends are doing. I'm nosey like that!

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