June 16, 2005

Ho boy am I drained

Wow, I feel like I'm back on teaching practice again! The Reception kids I'm teaching are nice but they are still learning (as is expected) to share, take turns and, most importantly (and irritatingly), to tidy up when I tell them to tidy up. It's the most infuriatingly annoying thing ever to tell the whole class that it's "Tidy up time" only for them to try and squeeze a few more minutes playing out of the session. I have had occasions where, after repeated pleasant asking, I've had to physically remove toys from a child as they just weren't listening!

However, it's Friday tomorrow and that means a time sheet is getting filled in which, when I've sent it off, means MONEY! :D However, I do get taxed at a rate of 22% (!!) because this is my second source of income and I've exceeded all my allowances (one day I'm going to hire an accountant as there must be a way around this tax, maybe starting my own charity and donating every month? :P). This is actually really sucky as my last paypacket had £206.07 of total deductions. I really do not appreciate the fact that all the hard work I'm doing is lining the government's coffers.

On a related note, I've agreed to do one day of supply on July 5th as, once again, my mouth worked before my brain and I just said "Yeah, sure I can help" when I was asked. This means that on July 4th I'll be working at Menzies until 2am (ish, I might ask to leave early); getting up at 6:30; driving to school, teaching (napping at lunchtime :P), driving bac and grabbing a nap if possible; then working at Menzies until 2am again :P. Ah well, I need any extra cash I can get and it's only one day.

Nowt much else to report.

Hope everyone is ok who is reading this.

Dru - Sorry, all you get for guessing who I was on the photo is the warm glow that comes from knowing you are correct.

Amy - Hope everything's moving smoothly for you now - by all means send me a text or e-mail whenever, I love hearing from friends.

[Listening to: Closing Time In Paradise - Kieran Halpin - (4:44)]