June 21, 2005

Too much at once

That describes exactly how I'm feeling right now. Mini rant below before I get on with my day.

Dad's getting worse. He seems to be spending all day in bed. I know he's lacking energy because he doesn't eat proper meals, and I'm pretty sure that he's not drinking enough fluids (we all know alcohol actually dehydrates you) so that's all affecting him. I'm sure, somewhere in his head he knows that he must see a doctor but is hoping everything will go away, I think he's wrong, it won't go away.

Now Margaret is making things complicated. My Aunty Cindy (my Dad's sister) sent my Dad a letter (before his phone was connected) asking how he was and what not. She also took the opportunity to voice her opinions and thoughts as to WHY Dad is in his current state. Put shortly she mentioned how my Dad's life with Margaret and how, whilst it was great that Margaret looked after everything, for my Dad this was a step down in as much as: Margaret rarely let him cook (and so soon my Dad didn't want to), she rarely let him choose where they were going on holiday etc.etc. I'm sure this has had an effect. The problem here is that Margaret READ this letter and is now also feeling put-upon. Why Margaret is reading my Dad's post I don't know. Anyway, that's now messed up and she's calling me for help.

I'm already trying to help my Dad (as well as pack for a house move, find a teaching job, write my best man's speech for Jon's wedding and work 35+ hours a week) as much as I can. I've already been through the supporting of a parent in 2000 and 2001 when my Mum was unhappy, it's a struggle to do it again.

Packing is going ok, got a load of boxes from work last night and hopefully I'll be allowed to take a few more tonight. It just takes so long! I'm picking up keys for my new place on Thursday so I'll let people know my new address then and I'm trying to organise a housewarming party (but it's a small place so the ACTUAL party may have to be held outside :P). I'll let people know.

Comments reply:

Dave: I didn't drink all 12 bottles, I had 7 in 2 nights. Not too bad but I was very tired and they helped me nod off in front of the telly twice, something I REALLY hate doing.

Amy: Would I knock Clive Owen? I'm sure his chilsed good looks help you overlook the fact that he's not that great an actor. :P Hope you're ok.

Right, I'm off in the shower then on a 90 minute round trip to my Mum's house to pick up some stuff. Later everyone!