June 12, 2005


Wow, a lot has happened in a short space of time. I've fallen out of the blogging habit once more but I'm back (yes, okay, don't celebrate too loud! :P)


Margaret has kicked my Dad out and he's currently living by himself at a place in Hessle. He's not doing too badly, but he is a very poorly person but he won't admit it. He's not eating properly (if at all) which means he's very weak, tired, and his body doesn't have any fuel/energy to work properly. Ideally he'd check himself into a hospital but I know him too well and I know he won't do that. I'm teaching this week so I'm going to have to leave him be. He's not on the phone so I can't contact him in any way apart from a letter, which I might try tomorrow. I hope he makes it through. In this house, being bothered by Margaret who won't leave him alone, he's either going to get a lot worse and probably drink himself to death, or he's going to realise that he needs to pull himself together. Knowing Dad as I do I think it's going to be the former, but I hope I'm wrong.


I've found somewhere to live, finally! It's a 3 bedroom apartment with two flat mates - Adam (graduating from a 5 year electronics course then trying to get a place in the RAF) and Alex (graduated froma 3 year History degree, in September will be a PGCE student trying to become a secondary teacher). They are both nice blokes and it should be a good year (if I can find places to store all my stuff). It's not my bachelor pad though but it looks like I'm going to have to put that dream on hold. However, the new place is going to have wireless broadband and I'm gonna treat myself to a Freeview box! :-)

My only current problem is getting all the bill money for this house from my housemates before everyone moves. I don't think it's going to happen somehow.

CSI Season 5

I've finally managed to watch all of Season 5 of CSI. Wow it's good! I was very, very impressed with the way it turned out. It seemed, in the run I was watching them in (2 or 3 eps a night) that it was one solid ep after another. Lots of good ideas and great acting from all concerned. The season finale was very good indeed, though I've got to worry about Quentin Tarentino's love of bureying characters alive; he did it in Kill Bill and now CSI, both realistically enough to make my skin crawl.

As for other touche/moments, I loved the episode set in the prison, I'm definately back in lust for Jorja Fox again and I miss Greg's bouncy sense of humour. I like the fact that Hodges isn't as much of a shit as he used to be, that Ecklie tried to raise the ransom money for Nick, and that the show, in the last ep, almost seemed to take the mick out of itself at certain points. Jolly good stuff.

Other Entertainment

In recent weeks I've watched The Terminal and loved it; Sharks Tale and hated it and Collateral and loved it. I also spent a lot of this weekend watching Cadfael with my Aunty Sandra and I'd forgotten what a great series it is. Check it out if you can.

Sorry to everyone on my blog roll. Real life is intruding on my internet time and I just haven't had the time to keep up with you all. I hope everyone is well and I'll try and resume 'normal' service as soon as possible.