July 13, 2005

Another - Whisper on a Wednesday

Last one for now - I need food!

From :

1. What exciting things have you done/plan to do this summer? (a vacation, a camp, etc.)

I think, the way it's looking, I'm going to meet up with Amy for my birthday and maybe go to the theatre after. I really want to just travel somewhere I haven't been before so this sounds good.

2. Do you think summer reading ruins a relaxing summer for people in school? Why?

Nah, reading is great fun. Sit outside, work on your tan, drink a cold drink and read a good book - what's wrong with that???

3. What was the worst and best summer reading books you ever read? Why?

Oh I don't know. I think I started the Ian Rankin Rebus books one summer and never looked back!

4. What event proved to you that summer officially started this year?

When myself and other members of staff had to wear shorts to work which is not a pretty sight!

5. Have you ever been to a camp? What was it and what did you do there?

I don't think I have no. I was in cubs when i was younger but that was under duress and I never went to camp.

6. Do you prefer swimming in man-made pools or natural waters (oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.)?

Good question - I love man made pools becuase of their temperature but I love swimming in lakes too (though I haven't done it for a while). Hmm. I'd say man-made as they're usually warmer!

7. What was your favorite summer experience of all time?

Ohh bloody hell, erm....I don't know. Off the top of my head I'd say all the time I spent with my friends Roger and Darryl when we younger (11/12). We'd ride on our bikes, go around the little villages surrounding Hutton Cranswick then come home and play computer games until late into the night, eventually getting booted off by my mother.

8. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

It'd have to be Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA as I'd LOVE to finally meet Bonnie. However, until I get a teaching job there's NO way I can afford to do so. :(

9. What is the average summer temp. outside where you live?

Roughly 22/23 degrees C.

10. What was the temp. outside today?

Probably higher than 22 degrees! It's very warm.

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