July 22, 2005

Book review - The Christmas Train by David Baldacci

I finished this book this morning and I thought I'd post a quick review.

It's good, right up until the last 25 pages. Then it falls into a big pile of sentimental, badly written mush.

SPOILERS BELOW (Highlight to read)
A storm that looks set to kill everyone onboard the train suddenly passes without incident; an army of people turn up on Christmas Day to dig this train out of an avalanche and then the film producer who is on board the train reveals this extremely elaborate plan he orchastrated just to see if he could get two ex-lovers who haven't seen each other for years, back together.

Now I'm not cold hearted, honest. If I was I wouldn't've picked up the book in the first place. And I don't mind sentimentality when it's written correctly (in the Rebus books, Joan of Arcadia and loads more) but the end of this book is a load of sentimentality and loose ends rushed and tied up in the last few pages. I'm not impressed.