July 17, 2005

CSI fic - my first

Okay, I'm nervous about this. It's my first fic thing. It's only a short scene but I'm posting it anyway. It's set in the S3 world, just after Playing With Fire.

Title: Weary
Author: gledster2000
Pairing: Some allusions to G/S
Rating: PG
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: I don't own the CSI characters. If I did I'd be rich and not writing fic!
Notes: It's only 250 words long. :)

Grissom sighed, his body weary but his mind not able to switch off from processing the facts of the case. The blood spatter on the west wall of the room intrigued him as it just wasn't 'right', it didn't suit the cuts the victim had sustained and it certainly didn't suit the murder weapon left at the scene. So another victim? Another weapon, removed from the scene? But to find that out required waiting on the results from DNA and with the backlog they were going to be another day or two at least. And why leave the murder weapon (if that's what it was)? A baseball bat. Grissom guessed it was because there was no evidence of the killer on the bat so it was a waste of time processing it. Still, it had to be done, despite the fact that it will just consume time and prove to be a futile experience. Grissom closed his eyes and removed his glasses so he could pinch the bridge of his nose and try to relax. IT wasn't just the case that was bugging him, his personal life had just become more confusing too & he had no idea how to deal with it. Did he want her? He was so confused. She was under his command, she worked with him. But there was something there....wasn't there?

His introspection was interrupted by a knock at the door; Greg entered with a piece of paper in his hand. Grissom replaced his glasses, stood up and headed towards the door and hour 14 of this double shift.

Anyways, that's it. :)

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