July 13, 2005

I need to do more memes

tuesday is chooseday.

    Would you rather:
  1. Live in a country that checks everybody's identification periodically OR has closed borders?

  2. One that checks ID periodically - the influx of new people is a good thing in my mind (we need better systems to ID terrorists though)
  3. See your face on a wanted poster OR on a facist website?

  4. Wanted poster - like an old fashion one from cartoons.
  5. Be a director for porn movies OR for really dangerous safari/wildlife documentaries?

  6. Porn. Although I suppose seeing the same thing for the 100th time could get dull. Plus the directors don't get to join in do they? Still, porn it would be.
  7. Sprout martian antenna out of the top of your head OR have the whites of your eyes turn black

  8. Antenna - I'm sure they'd come in useful somehow (maybe I could zap people with them!)

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