July 06, 2005

I'm back!

Phew! After 4+ days moving house (including cleaning the old house to a level that the landlord was happy with) I'm now in my new place. It's actually just around the corner from my old place in York but there we go!

I've got loads to say but I think, rather than shove them in one long post, I'll do smaller posts as that's what I feel like. As for now I'm moved in, unpacked and I'd say 75% organised. I've still got some stuff that I know I've got but don't know where I've put it but that's always the case with a housemove isn't it?

Anyways, sorry to my blogroll (is that term still used?) for neglecting you, it's just hard to keep up when I'm not on the 'net!

As for this new place - we've got a rather snazzy wireless network set up using a Netgear router and I'm using a Belkin USB Wireless adapter to run it off. It's a little slow - but I think that's because my housemates are downloading big things and I'm just e-mailing and what not. Still, I can cope with that!

Anyways, I hope everyone is ok and I'l get round to catching up whenever I can.