July 10, 2005

Jobs and an apology

I shouldn't look at job sites, it upsets me. :P

My degree is in "Education with English and Qualified Teacher Status" and I know that with that I can get many jobs (or at least I hope I can) but with my current leaning towards social work I've a feeling I'm gonna have to re-train.

So a rough career plan for me might be:-

- Complete my NQT year IF I can get a teaching job.

- Depending on success of my NQT year, possibly leave teaching.

- Re-train through UCAS and Uni or the Open University in Social work.

- Become a family support worker and help kids from backgrounds like mine and worse.

It's an idea anyway.

And I now owe someone an apology. Sorry Amy for not mentioning this earlier. Out of all my friends and family Amy was the only one to send me a moving in present. She sent me some lovely jelly babies (I've still got a few left as the picture shows) with a card and a great message. So thank you Amy.