July 10, 2005


Now Birmingham city centre has been evacuated. I wish this would end.

Thanks to Dave2 for helping with the West Wing scene - since it appeared (rather randomly) in my thoughts I have now watched and enjoyed the scene. I don't know what makes it one of my favourites, probably just because it shows a team which can enjoy each other's company and which just works. Oh, and it's funny too!

On my list of things to do is buy every WW boxset. I've had series 1 - 3 at various times but sold them, the DVDs I have now are borrowed from a friend.

Anyways, it's Sunday and I'm putting off writing a job application for an office job at York St John. It's only temporary 'till November but then I can do supply I suppose and apply for more teaching jobs that start in January. Plus it's a day job so I can MAYBE get round to starting a social life again.

That won't be helped by the fact that I keep buying things. :P Virgin Megastore and HMV both have sales on at the moment and yesterday I treated myself to Murder One series 1 & 2 (series 2 features Anthony Lapaglia in a starring role) as well as Law & Order series 2. With my organisation the way it is at the moment I'll get them watched by...oh..my 30th birthday. :)

Anyways - now I need a shower and to do a job app.