July 25, 2005

Today I...

  • Drove to Leeds to give some Fighting Fantasy books to someone that wanted them thanks to Freecycle.org.

  • Got lost in Leeds.

  • Drove round in a circle, twice.

  • Caused 2 people to beep their horns at me. Hey, I was LOST!!!

  • Eventually made it to the University.

  • Dropped off the book.s

  • Went to Gamestation in Leeds to search for Knights of the Old Republic 1 on Xbox (Gamestation York doesn't have it and I have credit for Gamestation, so it won't cost me money per se).

  • Found KOTR, bought it and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

  • Came home, had instant mash and baked beans for lunch.

  • Watched some House M.D.

  • Tried to download more House M.D.

  • Swore at YouSendIt for being crap.

  • Wandered to Waterstones and bought "Understanding Social Work" by Neil Thompson as it might help me get a job.

  • Read one chapter of above book and nodded off (I hate textbooks).

  • Jumped on the PC to find YouSendIt had crapped out again!!!!!

  • Caught up with Blogography.com

  • Did this list.

And that's it up the present moment.

Busy day and busier tomorrow as I'm off to see a friend in Halifax. Then Wednesday I'm driving to Northallerton to make sure I can FIND the interview place on the 4th August. Thursday I get a rest and Friday I'm taking Dad to the hospital. Fun!