August 01, 2005

The Weekend upsy downsy

>What a weekend. I had a fantastic time with N. It was REALLY great having her in York. We didn't get up to too much, just House eps, chatting, eating, more House, CSI, sleeping, chatting, drinking cola... :P :P :P

It's good to have some friends who 'get' me. Sometimes I get the feeling my friends from back home don't really. Plus it's nice to watch and share my fandoms with someone who understands, so I can chat about my interest with them (and take the piss frequently!) So it's been fun. Good fun. Best weekend for a while anyways.

Then there was loads of complicated stuff to do with my Dad and his alcoholism/rotting liver/mushy brain that just upset me.

Grr at good/bad days. :(

Yummy beer