July 12, 2005

Work last night

So last night I get to work to find out that 2 members of staff are on holiday and one is off ill because he fell down the stairs (I bet he was drunk when he did it!) Anyways, to compensate for this we get 1 (1!) temp worker as a replacement. We could've just managed with that if another member of staff hadn't gone home half way through the night, suffering from something heat related it looked like to me. So we're WAY short of bodies but still having to pack the same amount of magazines (we didn't get Reveal or Star weekly done so sorry if you went to buy them today in and around York . Anyways, the guy who fell down the stairs is the guy who brings the stereo in so we can listen to the radio. Which meant we didn't have a radio. At first I didn't mind, and I do think the night went quicker because we weren't constantly aware of the time (thanks to news reports and what not) but after a few hours I just wanted MUSIC!!!!

I'm going to drive to my ex-housemate's house and borrow one of their radios tonight. Otherwise I'll go mad!

Oh, and I had a shopping accident yesterday (last one for a WHILE) - bought Constantine on DVD. :P Looks like I need to start Ebaying old DVDs and books again.

[Listening to: A Moon Song - David Berkeley - The Confluence (4:14)]

Oh, and Amy: The Jelly babies were lovely, it's just a shame I don't have any left now! LOL

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