August 14, 2005

I shouldn't sulk so much

My birthday turned out ok in the end. I went to have lunch with Dad and he is coping. Not brilliantly, but he's coping. We had lunch then a wander round Hessle and he bought me a book too so I'm happy enough. Also, my Mum had included a £30 Burton's gift card inside my book (clever woman!) which was amazingly unexpected. I need to go clothes shopping I think she's saying.

And then my friends turned up and we went to see Crash which I'll review in another post, I'll also review the book Derailed by James Siegel. Then it was back to mine for Pizza and chat, along with a few minutes of an A-Team episode.

So yeah, for some reason, I was really upset on Thursday night/early Friday morning and I had no reason to be. Gah.