August 07, 2005

I suck with updates

Wow long time no write. Lots have happened. Some good and some bad but I'm sure I'll get round to the personal stuff later. I actually just wanted to post to say that I've finally finished S1 of Murder One and I loved it! One of the best TV shows I've ever seen, I think, due to the writing and performances, it's above WAT in my list of all time faves. There are low points, as with everything, but they are rare. A great show that, even though I now know the ending, I probably will watch again as the powerful acting is just so good, and it's full of cool guest stars as well. So, yeah, cool.

And just gonna start reading Derailed by James Siegel.

Even though I'm in pain cause of my cousin's stag do yesterday. Ow.

My birthday on Friday. Not doing anything though, my friends from back home either forgot or they can't make it. Still, I'll enjoy my day off work. :)

And many thanks to the wonderful Bonnie for chatting with me the other day and listening to all my family nonsense, she did not have to but still did. Thank you very much indeed. :)