August 12, 2005

So it's my birthday today (12th August)

Yay, I'm 23 today. Whopee. Except not. I've just opened a card from my Dad's ex-partner and she's included a note which says, amongst other things, that my brother called Social Services to check on my Dad and they are coming today. At the very least Paul could've phoned me. Git. So that could scupper my lunch plans with Dad. My friends from Driffield have said they can't make it to York this week so I'm gonna be kinda lonely really. Still, that I'm used to. :)

I hope postie brings me things. Ideally I'm hoping my brother has sent me something (a piece of paper with "Happy Birthday" on it would HONESTLY please me) and my friends R and J has too cause I've had nothing from them so far, though, in their own ways, both could be busy with married life. I'll see.

3 cards from family, 2 cards from friends and a book.

Happy Birthday Me