August 22, 2005


Thanks to talking to Lisa last night I happened to look at Kate and not only do I find that there's a new album out (I'm SO behind) I look on her tours page and find this little nugget:-

Oct 2005 Sun 16th Grand Opera House York

Kate's coming to YORK! :D

AND I've managed to book a ticket.

AND it's in the stalls!!!! :D

Now I know none of my friends will want to go with me so that's fine. I'll go, sing loudly, embarrass myself and have a rollocking good time.

Seriously, I urge all people on my friends list to check the Kate Rusby Tour page and see if she's near you. If she is then please go. You'll LOVE it. Trust me.

And if you're in the USA then order her Live from Leeds DVD, you'll love that too.


Is it October yet?????



[Listening to: Young James - Kate Rusby - Underneath The Stars (4:49)]