August 15, 2005

Summary of today like

£49 at ASDA, £49!!!!!!!!! (that's 71 Euros or $88.83) I didn't buy anything expensive like a DVD or anything, just food. And just for me.


It's all those evil "Buy x for £3" deals (like 4 tins of curry/chilli/minced beef and onion and such like for £3, great for when you're in a hurry).

And then there were BOGOFs too.

Nasty place.

But at least I've got lots of food now.


Work at 5pm tonight, doing 1hrs overtime like I usually do on a Monday. I think, since each hour is worth roughly £10 I've probably earned well over £100 in overtime since starting at Menzies. That suits me.

Spoke to a friend Lisa today and yesterday, actually on the phone like. Been chatting over Yahoo/MSN for AGES but she's calling me cause she gets free minutes. :) Suits me just fine. She's daft she is.

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