August 21, 2005

This weekend

Am feeling laaaaaazy so bullet points ahoy!

This weekend I:

  • Used the free Napster download voucher inside my packet of Pop Tarts to get Daniel Powter's single "Bad Day".

  • In finding the weblink for the above I realised you can watch the Bad Day video from the website, it's really good!

  • Chatted to Lisa. Much daft fun ahoy (even if I am mean and cynical compared to her).

  • Chatted to many of my friends via MSN - again, daft fun abounds. :)

  • Started my short story for the Real Writers competition.

  • Realised I need new back tires for my car, these ones are nearly as bald as my Uncle Les.

  • Had a proper Sunday lunch with my housemate at the Black Swan Pub in York. As soon as I get my Part Time job this is gonna be my local haunt.

  • Started the next Michael Connely Harry Bosch novel "The Last Coyote" and it's looking gooooood already

  • Disturbed my housemate and his girlfriend in what I guess was 'copulation' to ask them if they wanted Sunday lunch. :P

  • Finished downloading S1 of Veronica Mars, now I just need to watch it!

  • Watched Chain Reaction for the second time (but the last time was in the 1990's) and still enjoyed it. I can't help it, I like Keanu Reeves films! I watched The Watcher the other day too and REALLY enjoyed that.

  • Looked for a simple calender/reminder program and found the excellent Active Desktop Calender. I'm so impressed with it I'm thinking of buying it!

I can't believe the Christopher Walken thing was a fake - thanks to Dave2 for pointing it out. It's actually kinda impressive that someone would go to that much trouble to set it up. Still a shame though.