September 14, 2005

Busy bee

Wow I've been busy. Yesterday was taking my care in for replacement back wheels, then shopping with two friends from home, going for new clothes for work next week. Plus dealing with family issues that are STILL unresolved cause my family is silly and crappy.

Today was a kinda waste but on the plus side I signed up for a 2 month Xbox Live trial and downloaded the extra map for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. So I accomplished something (as well as playing it for hours :P).

Tomorrow is shopping for new trousers for work next week, as well as getting hair cut. Friday is driving to see Dad and do all the stuff he forgets to do (just minor stuff like clean clothes, pay bills, that kind of stuff). Saturday is going to see Mum, Grandad, Brother, B'sGF and new ickle baby Violet at Grandad's and play happy families for a bit (till we all get sick of the lie and Paul and GF bugger off home and I come back to York). Fun. Not. Sunday and Monday are hopefully relax days (except I've got Social Services books I've bought and need to read through) then my new job starts on Monday.

I'm sure there's something I've forgotten in all this but meh I don't know.

HOW could I forget????? House 2x01 aired last night, thanks to people on my blogrolls for posting about it and reminding me. *Wanders to Mininova and starts downloading.*

Hmm...Now I just need to find 50 minutes in which to watch it!