September 03, 2005

A good day? Surely not! :P

>Wow, a good day so far. I've managed to:-

  • Vaccuum the flat.

  • Take the recycling.

  • Tidy and organise my room (inc all the paperwork/bills/bank statements I had lying about).

  • Speak to people.

  • Watch 2 eps of 'Porridge' with Ronnie Barker (love this show) on loan from York Library.

  • Eat Pizza
  • Drink beer

Now I'm watching "Rebus" on DVD, "The Hanging Garden". I'm not 100% impressed with the way they've done this ep for the TV so far (I'm 31 minutes in). In particular they cut Rebus's reaction to seeing his daughter in hospital. The book has Rebus loose it completely, shoving the people around him, screaming and shouting at the doctors. To me this showed how much he cared for his daughter (despite the fact that he was a lousy father who always put 'the job' first). The TV ep cut that reaction, just showed him drinking a bottle a whisky with a sad expression on his face. And there's no Patience Aitken, or Claverhouse, or Farmer Watson and C.I. Templar is in charge of the War Crimes unit! When did Ian Rankin put THAT into the story??? Still, they've got the perfect actress to play Sammie, and John Hannah IS good as Rebus, I just wish that they'd hired Ian Rankin as a producer or something. Grr for them cutting characters.

Ah well, it's not TOO bad, I'm just a Rebus geek. Can't bear to see perfection messed with.