September 06, 2005

Hello world, I AM here

Really didn't accomplish much this Sunday. However, that doesn't mean i didn't enjoy myself, I managed to watch some more Porridge and the very episode of "A Touch Of Frost" which I don't think I've ever seen (and which I'm gonna cap a scene from in a minute before I take the DVD back to the library). Then i started Sin City but got interrupted by a phone call and never finished it. It's on my list of things to do as it's a really good film, I like the way it's done, with the husky voice-overs and the extremely clever backgrounds/scenes. It's my kind of film. It really is, and I wants it on DVD. However, I've only just bought House and Rebus on DVD so I'll have to wait.

I'm not that impressed with my Rebus DVD, I think I'll shove it on an LJ selling community when I've finished the final ep. It's just that in the Hanging Garden (my FAVOURITE Rebus story) the way they've actually filmed the story, Rebus doesn't really do any detecting. He wanders around, threatens people, drinks a lot, argues and shouts but doesn't actually look at any evidence or think about things the way he does in the book. I know this is just an adapation but I'm just not impressed. I really wish that Ian Rankin could've been involved with the production, I wonder why he wasn't.

Anyways, what else? Yesterday saw my friend Ian coming through to York so I spent the day with him. He's doing ok, which is always good to hear. He helped me some with Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox as he's miles ahead of me. So that was cool. Like Cunien I also bought Kate Rusby's new album yesterday. I need to learn it soon, I'm off to see her live on October the 16th (which I will mention over and over, yesh!) :)

Right, let me cap that Frost scene then I'm off to the library.

And AMY! I'm shocked at your behavior! :P And very impressed too!