September 11, 2005

I don't blog when I should...

[Listening to: Brokenheartsville - Joe Nichols - Man With A Memory (03:52)]

...But if I did then this entry would be a lot shorter. So I'll use headings I think, write this then climb into bed with a book.


I'm not a 100% impressed with Kate Rusby's new album. It's good, don't get me wrong, but apart from track 1, there's no tracks that stand out for me, like "The Goodman" did or "Underneath the Stars" and others. Still, I'm glad I've got it.

Thanks to everyone who's blogs I read for pointing out Gavin Degraw, I've just listened to his music over his website and I'm very impressed, another one to go on my list.

I'm becoming addicted to MSN Radio once again, it just plays music that I want to hear with only occasional adverts. I love how it lets me rate tracks too! :)


Well, this has been a good weekend. Not too exciting but I got to chat with my friends and do everything that I wanted to do so I'm happy enough. Feeling a little low now but I always seem to on a Sunday night so that's the way it goes. I think I freaked Natasha out last night about Microsoft's Genuine Windows program. However, it's not as scary as I thought it was, and it's kinda dumb too. So there's nothing to be scared about.

I became an uncle this week for the second time. My niece is called Violet Grace. However, my brother and his girlfriend (who is evil in my eyes, and those of many others) can't agree which surname to use. This worries me and my Aunty (who I spoke to yesterday) as we're worried my brother's girlfriend (BGF from now on) is gonna do a runner and that would devastate my brother. So I'm watching out for signs now I'm back in touch with my bro (though I haven't spoken to him this weekend, I should do that, I'll ring tomorrow).

I also had it brought home to me how 'spensive jewellry when a friend bought a necklace as a congrats present. I suppose I could spend that amount of money on something but not on something like that, maybe a good watch though.

And good luck with Paul Amy. Sounds like you guys are gonna have fun. :P


Spent most of today playing the original Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and after 14 hours of gameplay (that's NOT 14 hours straight, that's 14 hours total) I've finished the first planet (whew!). Am now on Dantooine. Have just bought a 2 month Xbox Live pass from Ebay so I can get online and get the downloadable content for this game and make it complete. Yes, I'm that much of a geek.


Spent a enjoyable period of time in town today, and saw the fanatastic Barlby Foot-Tapping Band. They were a brass band comprised of kids and adults and they were just superb. They played La Bamba, Rock Around the Clock and others. Just amazing. And the presenter (if that's what he'd be called) was great at getting the crowd going.

I also spent an enjoyable half-hour in Borders browsing all the titles I could buy and the stories I could read. After I finished reading Angel's Flight by Michael Connelly I haven't read another book since, and I finished that a few weeks ago. I'll fix that tonight and climb into bed with one of the many books I haven't read from my shelf. I LOVE reading, and I honestly want to read as much as I can. So a new book it is. And the one I've chosen is The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.. It sounds good and different so I'm looking forward to it.

Things on my calendar:

  • Handwrite resignation letter tomorrow (printer's broken, tsk).

  • Look forward to random gig that my friends from home are booking. There are a load of good comics coming up at the Grand Opera House in York and I'm going to whichever ones they're going to. I'm not fussed, they all suit me.

  • Meet an LJ friend for the first time on Tuesday.

  • Visit Dad on Wednesday and do his chores.

  • Write that short story for
  • (no I haven't started yet, I'm THAT useless).

Anyways, I'm done for now.