September 30, 2005

It's hard being a TV addict

Tonight and tomorrow I've got to download:-

  • CSI 6x02

  • VM 2x01

  • WaT 4x01

  • Criminal Minds 1x02

  • Alias 5x01

Of course, this is the time of year where I start getting behind. I haven't watched VM season 1 yet, nor CSI 6x01 or Criminal Minds 1x01 or half of S4 of Alias. Still, I'll nab them anyway because if I don't they'll be gone and I'll have to miss an ep and that REALLY bugs me. :P

In other news, work is going ok and the planning meeting we had today (the reason I had to swap my days around) was quite productive. It remains to be seen how productive the results are but at the moment I'm feeling positive.

I'm not thinking about my family tonight, just gonna chill. Which reminds me, I need beer or some other alcoholic product. :)

Hope everyone who is reading this is ok. Let me know eh?

I've recently found out that I can 'tag' my blogger posts so that Technorati indexes them properly. So I'm gonna start doing that from now on. I may even tag some of my older posts but I doubt it, I'm not THAT bothered.

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