September 01, 2005

Long time no update

The problem with not updating in a while is that, after a short period of time, you don't want to update as there's so much to cover. Still, update I will.

  • On the 26th August something monumental in my life happened. My House R1 DVDs turned up! :D Okay, so I'm exaggerating but it allowed me to watch the last 8 episodes of the series that I haven't seen, as well as watch the rest from the comfort of my living room. And I get to wind up my friend Natasha by holding them up to the webcam so it's all good fun!

  • Saturday 27th August found me at a party. My old friend RW was holding a flatwarming party in Driffield. His sister (S) was coming too and that was really all I needed to encourage me to go. The plan was for people to just turn up, with alcohol, then the night would go from there. It wasn't a bad night, not a brilliant one but not bad. However, when RW's flatmates showed up (one of whom I knew from going to Karate many, many years ago) I kinda changed my mind about sleeping over. I (RW's flatmate) was fresh from his community service and covered in tattoos. Skinny bloke like but still. I got the sense (and I'm not paranoid) that he didn't like me too much. Anyways, we got on like, I spent time chatting with RW then RW's friends Shaun and Matt (who, again, I knew from when I was a kid, it's a small world). When everyone finally turned up the party kinda split into two. There was RW's friends upstairs in RW's room (with the big telly and the sofa, though all the TV was showing was the PS2's Audio CD program) and I's friends in the big bedroom downstairs. One of I's friends T brought along 2 lasses, one who was ok and one who was amazingly over-made up. Bleached blonde hair with roots showing, sneer on her face, rings on every finger. Definately not my type. Anyway, I's friend A spent most of the night chatting them up. I spent most of the night chatting to S and her friend E until they decided to leave to go to the pub. Looking back on it now I should've gone with but I'm so stupid that didn't occur to me at the time. So they left and then some of the life of the party did too. By this point I'd already decided to drive home at the end of the night and not sleep over, so I'd stopped drinking alcohol after 2 cans of Fosters and switched to Cola and snacks. The end of the party came (finally!) and a group of us got takeway and whilst everyone else went to Hooter's in Driffield I climbed in my car and drove home. It was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life and by the end of the drive I was just SO glad to be home safe and sound. I wasn't drunk but I wasn't sober either and I managed to completely scare myself shitless.

  • Sunday found me having a meal with some friends and otherwise lazing around the house enjoying myself.

  • Otherwise my life has been kinda quiet. Apart from today when my Rebus DVDs finally turned up. So that's what I'm watching now whilst writing this.

  • Recently I've also ploughed through 3 Michael Connelly 'Harry Bosch' novels and loved each one. Set in LA Harry Bosch is a detective who likes the truth and hates loose ends. He knows that cases are solved by the details so has no problem with doing his paperwork. However, he does let the past and his temper get to him more often than he should. The bokos I've just read are "The Last Coyote", "Trunk Music" and "Angel's Flight". All excellent and I recommend them.

Amy: Just be careful with this 17 year old ok? Try not to get yourself hurt! Lucky guy though, with a good teacher (I'm guessing!)

Right, I need to go into town to buy something for Bonnie! :)