September 18, 2005

Nintendo's new revloution controller

I've spotted this whilst surfing around the 'net. There's pictures of the controller for Nintendo's next console, the Revolution, at various places but I used There's a transcription of the designer's speech at a Tokyo games conference at the Wonderland blog and I found a video to download somewhere on the 'net but I forget where. The Games Radar article has some interesting description too.

Why am I getting all geeky over this? Because it's such a change from normal controllers. It looks like a TV remote for a start and it's usage is totally different. The console knows where the controller is positioned at all times so it can function like a bat/racket for sport games, like a gun for gun games (there's a trigger button underneath) and there's a port for an optional joystick amongst other things. The Wonderland report says that the design is to encourage casual gamers as well as proper gamers. I hope it succeeds.

I'm currently listening to the sounds of my flat (washing machine etc)