September 25, 2005

Opera 8.5

I know I'm late with this news, compared to loads of other websites but Opera 8.5 is now completely free. I have used Opera for AGES and am now pleased that they've removed the ads completely. I'd love to do a review but I'm not THAT enthusiastic so instead I'll settle for saying that I love using the browser, and I've only begun to scratch the surface of it's tips and tricks. I'm starting to experiement with surfing full screen and using mouse gestures to control my surfing to avoid using the keyboard/menus. It's tricky but it does mean that webpages are nicer to see.

So all I can say is that nothing is stopping you from getting Opera now. No ads, WAY more secure than IE and loads of features.

Get it now!

[Listening to: A Moon Song - David Berkeley - The Confluence (4:14)]