September 24, 2005


Seeing as my family life is sucking great big ones right now I've been zoning out by watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent S1 which I bought for £24.99 from HMV in town but I see Play are offering it £7 cheaper. *cries*

Anyway, this show has become like crack to me. Detective Goren is such a fun character for Vincent D'Onofrio to play. He's midly excentric, and at times acts like an excited kid, especially when he's put pieces of a puzzle together. He pairs well with Alex Eames and the cases are complicated without going too over the top. However, I'm running out of episodes to watch. I guess I'll have to watch them again eh?

I've also seen the first two House eps of S2 and I'm very impressed indeed. Slightly cheesy but good, with some questionable elements that make you go "Hmmm" which is always fine with me.