September 27, 2005


Congrats to N. for meeting people at Uni and finding out she CAN smile. Yayness. Seriously though - Uni is fun, even Uni work can be fun (when done with the right people) so just enjoy it when you can. :)

Thanks to my ex-housemates for humouring me in my hour of need (I was upset and needed company and pizza, so they gave me both).

Thanks to Hessle Police for being great and supportive.

NO thanks to my Dad for being a very silly man who is poorly, depressed and in denial and causing myself and the rest of my family a lot of upset and worry.

NO thanks to the people who may have robbed my Dad of £250 (if I ever find out who they are even Grissom won't be able to ID their remains).

Work is still fun though and I'm feeling like I'm settling in, I've even got my own telephone extension now. So that's cool.

Life is a mixed bag but that's the way it goes I suppose.

Now I'm off to either:

Read my book


Watch and ep of Law and Order: SVU


Pick a film and watch the DVD commentary.