October 12, 2005

Dad and discharge

So Dad's being discharged tomorrow. That's not the celebratory thing it should be. He's not ready. He's been in detox for 6 days. It's not long enough. Add to that the fact that Hull Royal Infirmary hasn't put any kind of plan in place for looking after him once he's discharged and you can see why I'm not a very happy bunny. At the very least I need someone to poke their head around the door every day, chat to him, make him something to eat, make sure he's not in the same clothes as yesterday, and make sure he's showered. But getting somebody to do that is impossible. Social Services are reluctant, the Senior Nurse on staff today was no help (I think she's from the "Pull Yourself Together" era) and I'm running out of options or ideas.

Just when it seemed like things were getting better.