October 13, 2005

Dad today

So the hospital isn't releasing my Dad any more. Margaret rang a lot of people this morning and kicked up a fuss and she finally got to speak to a doctor. She explained the situation to him and he agreed that Dad wasn't mentally stable enough to be discharged yet. There's a worrying thing about this doctor though, and only the Alias fans who are reading this will understand but his name? Dr Sloane.

So that's a weight off my mind. It's worrying though that the nurses and hospital social worker were so keen to kick my Dad out. However, there is a down side. They think Dad's been having mini-strokes and there's a possibility that he'll never be able to live on his own again as his short-term memory is shot to hell.

Still, in the hospital he's getting fed and cleaned (if badly), so it's not all bad. I've left him some John Wright Band CDs and my personal CD player, as well as some great books so he's all comfortable, and that's all I can do really.