October 13, 2005

Darn it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite Age Concern's website saying so they don't actually provide home help it would seem. The Hull branch just covers Hull and the Beverley office knew nothing of their home support service that is mentioned on the Age Concern site. I'll quote from it here:

"This service allows older people to stay independent in their own homes safely and with dignity, by providing care and support to them and their carers with individually tailored services.

In 1997 we were granted preferred provider status by Social Services, which means that we are on their list and they purchase care from us. This is renewed yearly and the scheme has to undergo a general inspection and a quality assurance inspection.

The service is for older people who need help with personal or social care whether for as little as one hour a week or full daily care. This is a paid service, for current rates please call our home support office on 01482 225694. Click on the Home Support link at the top of this page for more information."

However, no-one is answering at that number and the lady I spoke to in Beverley just said "Get in touch with Social Services" which I'm trying to do but they're dragging their feet!

Age Concern was my last hope but now that's not worked out. I'm at a loss.

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