October 11, 2005

Grrr I hate MSN

Grrr. Last night a friend of mine was trying to send me some MP3s through MSN and the download speed was crawling along. I wasn't using anything else at the time, just fchatting on MSN. I'm pretty sure we've both got the latest version and I KNOW I've got Upnp enabled on my Netgear DG834G Router. However, when I go into TOOLS - CONNECTION I get the following message:

Now I KNOW Upnp is properly enabled. The router is using the latest Netgear firmware and everything apart from MSN is working fine. How do I know Upnp is properly enabled? Because Azureus uses the function perfectly.

So it's just MSN that's crapola and won't let me have normal file-sharing speeds. Useless piece of junk.

, Upnp problems

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