October 10, 2005

I am around

I haven't updated because I thought I should do a proper update, a really long one and that, but I really can't find the enthusiasm, and I keep getting distracted. So I'll just say this:-

  • Dad went into hospital on Friday night as a non-emergancy case. He was malnourished, dehydrated, weak and exceedingly confused.

  • Dad's still in hospital and though he's getting stronger (slowly) the confusion remains. He's flicking between believing he's on a cruise ship, thinking he's in Margaret's house and thinking he's in his own flat.

  • One thing that does stay constant is his desperate want for a beer/some alcholic drink. He was begging me on Sunday night to get him a drink. Obviously I couldn't but it broke my heart in two not to do so. He was almost as bad today, he went wandering around the hospital to get a bottle of wine he was sure he'd left in a grey cabinet somewhere. There's nothing more draining hten watching a loved-one slowly lose their sanity.

  • I've got a solicitor's appointment tomorrow (Tuesday) about the whole "power of attorney" thing, so I'm getting hte ball rolling on that.

  • Life is alternating between ok (when I get to sit at home and watch something TV related) and really, depressingly shite (when I have to deal with my Dad).

On a lighter note:

Thanks to Amy and Tim for their support, it always helps when someone leaves an encouraging comment here, that's probably part of the reason why I do this. Tim, I'm sure it's simple for the lawyers to draw up the PofA papers, they'll have done it LOADS of times. It's still worrying actually having to do it in the first place though.

And Dave2: I'm sure the person who went about the complaints about "House" had mental problems of some sort. The kiss was OBVIOUSLY cut and nothing inappropriate happened at all (I checked after reading the guy's comments on IMDB) but he still goes and complains? Some people.