October 16, 2005

I'm sooo strange

I've been feeling, I don't know, scared all weekend. The weird thing is I don't know what I was/am scared of. I've run through loads of different things in my mind and I still don't know what is making me feel so apprehensive. It's bizaree. As a side effect I've really done absolutely nothing this weekend. I managed to nip into town yesterday but didn't get much (I couldn't think of anything I really needed). I could've gone to the supermarket but I've planned to do that tomorrow. So this weekend has been a weekend of...nothing. I've watched CSI 6x01 - 6x04 and I was impressed overall, I've also watched WaT 4x03 and was not impressed. That and some cleaning, some House and chatting some with my housemate has been the sum total of my actions so far.

Oh, I did do one thing that took up over an hour of my time - I downloaded and played with Google Earth and whilst major cities in the US are fantastically detailed (just check the Statue of Liberty in New York) there's less detail in England (nothing at all for York) and I haven't had time to explore the rest of the world yet. I explored Swansea with Lisa which was funny, then we flew to New York and looked around there, she got lost though.

Right, I need to get changed then I'm off to the Grand Opera House to see Kate Rusby. I've actually got quite a beard on at the moment and I'm gonna leave it for going to the gig, just to see what if I get any looks. Anyways, TTFN!

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