October 24, 2005

A mish-mash of stuff

Work today was good, I shouldn't've worried about it so much (I was nearly a nervous wreck last night). Picked up a child to see his siblings (who other staff members were picking up) and we ended up in Ruff And Tumble near Darlington (well, Newton Aycliffe to be accurate) where the kids had a great time. And so did I, they let adults go inside the ruff and tumble maze, I even got to go down a slide. And I got paid for going! Excellent!

And before you say it, I refuse to grow up. So don't try to make me.

The weekend preceding today was a mixture of emotions. Saturday morning and afternoon were pretty pants, expecting to see Dad then actually seeing Dad. But Saturday night was fun, getting drunk and chatting with my old friend Rosie as she came up to York. Sunday was also fun. I actually went on a Ghost Walk in York (for any of my York online friends or similar, the one that leaves at 7:30pm outside the West of the Minster) and enjoyed it muchly. The gentleman leading the walk was a brilliant public speaker with a great sense of humour and made the hour fly by (apprently they occasionally do longer ghost walks around more of York which I'd really like to do now). Did you know York has 504 official ghosts? Me neither. Cool huh?

What else can I say? Oh yes, the BBC 7 listen again pages have a Just A Minute show on the Thursday page and an old News Quiz show on the Tuesday page.

Ooooh, The News Quiz is back on BBC Radio 4 this Friday at 6:30pm GMT and you can listen live via the BBC website. Hear the team take the *iss out of the Conservative Leader Election amongst other things. This is a MUST for any fans of comedy. A must I say!

And why haven't you people answered my meme yet? Actually, I know Amy has cause she's great. Check out her answers on my MSN Space.

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