October 02, 2005

Never, ever, be an alcoholic

Dad was...er...ok.

Except for the fact that, now I've seen him with his top off, he's REALLY skinny. Scarily so for my Dad who's always been heavy ish.

That freaked me.

However, myself and Margaret worked to get him showered, shaved, nails clipped, fed etc.

When I left he was looking human.

So that helped.

Then I swung by my childhood home, Mum's got it all boxed up ready for moving tomorrow. I can't say I'm gonna miss the place, I haven't lived there for 5 years and most of my memories of it aren't happy ones, but still, *sniff*, it'll be weird it being gone.

What a crappy Sunday.

Still, it's picking up, am watching a Without A Trace double bill - 3x23 and 4x01 back to back. Then bed I think.